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Virginia and Maryland

Fort Myer, Virginia – The principal military post near Washington. Giesborough Point on Potomac – In the early days land fronting on either bank of the Eastern Branch was considered very valuable. Giesborough Manor...

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North East Section District of Columbia

Union Station Plaza, N. E. – Statue of Christopher Columbus, by Lorado Taft. A St., just East of s. e. corner of 1St and A Sts., N. E.- Second Tunnicliffe Tavern. – In 1794 Mr. Tunnicliffe, proprietor of the Eastern...

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South East Section District of Columbia

Anacostia – Appears on oldest map of Captain John Smith in 1612. Indian name, “Nacotchtank.” Henry Fleet, captured by Indians, called it Nacostine – “Great Town for Traders.” Anacostia –...

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South West Section District of Columbia

South West Washington’s shipping section was part of the holding of Notley Young. Water St. (East and west sides between U and V Sts.) S. W. – George Washington acquired here in 1793 in what was “Carrollsburg...

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Georgetown District of Columbia

Georgetown – (Tohogare; Indiantown). First designated as town in 1751. Incorporated as city in 1789. Existed as town and city for 120 years, under three Sovereigns of Great Britain, then State of Maryland, and then United...

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