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South Cornerstone – The first one set (April 15, 1791), at Jones Point Light-house on Potomac River, below Alexandria, Va. Protected by D. C, D. A. R. care of State Historic Committee.

Miles 1- S. W. Line- Near 1200 Wilkes St., Alexandria, Va. Mt. Vernon Chapter, Va. D. A. R. of Alexandria, Va.

Miles 2 – S. W. Line – Near jet. Leesburg Pike and D. C. road, Alexandria, Va. Mt. Vernon Chapter, Va. D. A. R.

Miles 3- S. W. Line- South of Leesburg Pike, Va. (Cunningham farm). American Liberty Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 4 – S. W. Line – North of Leesburg Pike, Va., (Courtland Smith farm). Continental Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 5- S. W. Line- Several rods from Leesburg Pike, Va. (James Payne farm), on bank of Lucky Run. Keystone Chapter D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 6 – S. W. Line – On valley rim across from Columbia road, west of Barcroft, Va, Fairfax County Chapter, Va., D. A. R.

Miles 7 – S. W. Line – In cultivated field west of Glencarlyn, Va., on road to Leesburg Pike. Fairfax County Chapter, Va. D. A. R. (contribution made by Deborah Knapp Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.)

Miles 8 – S. W. Line – South of Georgetown road at Upton Hill, Va. (Contribution made by Dolly Madison Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.)

Miles 9 – S. W. Line – Near brook in Park of East Falls Church, Va. Falls Church Chapter, Va., D. A. R.

West Cornerstone – On De Putron farm, between East Falls Church, Va. and West Falls Church, Va. Virginia State D. A. R.

Miles 1 – N. W. Line – One and one-half miles northwest of West Falls Church, Va., near Miner Hill. Richard Arnold Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 2 – N. W. Line – Near Franklin Park, Va., on Great Falls Branch of Washington and Old Dominion Railway. Old Dominion Chapter, Va., D. A. R., of Richmond, Va.

Miles 3- N. W. Line- Near Walker Chapel, Va., one mile west of Chain Bridge. Sarah St. Clair Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 4 – N. W. Line – First Stone set in Maryland, on East bank of canal (near Little Falls) on Cabin John trolley line. Columbia Chapter, D. C., D. A. R.

Miles 5 – N. W. Line – Near East bank of Delecarlia Reservoir for city water supply on “Government farm.” John Hall Chap-ter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 6 – N. W. Line – University Place near Fessenden St., D. C. Independence Bell Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 7 – N. W. Line – On Western Ave, south-west of Chevy Chase Circle. Patriot’s Memorial Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 8 – N. W. Line- At Pinehurst, three-fourths mile northeast of Chevy Chase Circle. Col. John Donelson Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 9 – N. W. Line – In deep woods, Rock Creek Park, south bank of Rock Creek. Margaret Whetten Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

North Cornerstone – On property of C. A. Snow near Woodside, Md. State of Mary-land, D. A. R., care of Janet Montgomery Chapter, Md.

Miles 1 – N. E. Line – Near Georgia Ave., just south of Silver Spring, Md., on property of Senator Blair Lee. Mary Washington Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 2 – N. E. Line – Near corner Maple and Carroll Sts., Takoma Park, D. C. Major L’Enfant Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 3 – N. E. Line – Near Masonic and Eastern Star Home, south of Sligo Mill road, N. E. Our Flag Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 4 – N. E. Line – Near Sargent road north of Brookland, D. C. Elizabeth Jackson Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 5 – N. E. Line – On truck farm near Queen’s Chapel road, west of Mt. Rainier, Md. Constitution Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 6 – N. E. Line – Near Brentwood road and Rhode Island Ave, N. E., Woodbridge, D. C. Livingston Manor Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 7 – N. E. Line – On grounds of National Training School for Boys, one-half mile East of Bladensburg Road, Milestone in care of school.

Miles 8 – N. E. Line – At Kenilworth, a few rods beyond end of car line on Kenilworth Ave., N. E. Little John Boyden Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 9 – N. E. Line – At Burrville near corner of Sheriff Road and Eastern Ave., N. E. Captain Molly Pitcher Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

East Cornerstone – Just south of Chesapeake Junction, at end of car line. D. C, D. A. R. in care of State Historic Committee.

Miles 1 – S. E. Line – At Capitol Heights, one quarter mile south of Central Ave., S. E. Sarah Franklin Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 2 – S. E. Line – A few rods south of Bowen road, East of Fort Dupont Park, S. E. Marcia Burns Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 3 – S. E. Line- A few rods north of Suitland road, S. E., just west of Oxon Run, on Thos. Young estate. Ruth Brewster Chapter, D. C., D. A. R.

Miles 4- S. E. Line – On Walker road, S. E., near Oxon Run. John Lindsay Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 5 – S. E. Line – In a garden East of Rifle Range (Nat. Guard, D. C). Take Good Hope road, Anacostia, to Good Hope, thence taking Hamilton road for one-half mile, thence a country road south for three-quarters mile across Oxon Run. Louisa Adams Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 6 – S. E. Line – South East of Congress Heights just south of Wheeler road on high land. Martha Washington Chapter, D. C., D. A. R.

Miles 7 – S. E. Line – On Livingston road, near concrete bridge, Congress Heights, S. E. Flag kept floating from flagstaff by Chapter. Lucy Holcombe Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 8 – S. E. Line – Just below Blue Plains near Home for Aged and Infirm. Monticello Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Miles 9 – S. E. Line – On bank of Potomac River at Fox Ferry across from Alexandria, Va. Potomac Chapter, D. C, D. A. R.

Capitol And Library

The United States Capitol – The Capitol has three corner Stones. A bronze tablet, placed at entrance to Rotunda, on Street floor, is placed above first corner Stone, laid by President Washington, with Masonic ceremonies in 1793; the first year of his second term as President, and the eighteenth year of American Independence. He wore Masonic apron presented to him by General Lafayette as the gift of Mme. Lafayette. Tablet noting this event placed in the presidency of Grover Cleveland. Second corner Stone laid during the presidency of Millard Fillmore, called the ‘Cor-ner Stone of the Extension.” Daniel Web-Ster delivered the oration. Third corner Stone laid during the term of Theodore Roosevelt. First address given by a President to a joint session of Congress made by President Jefferson, January 22, 1801. Famous Men who have laid in State in the Rotunda are Abraham Lincoln, Thaddeus Stevens, Salmon P. Chase, Charles Sumner, James A. Garfield, John A. Logan, William McKinley, Pierre Charles L’Enfant, and the body of the Unknown Dead, after the World War. George Washington planted a large, elm East of the north end of the Capitol. See Guide Book.

East Capitol and First Sts., Library of Congress – American art reached its perfection in this building. Built and decorated by Americans, it stands as a monument to the forty artists and sculptors employed in its decoration. See Guide Book.

Incorporated in this site is Carroll Row, built by Daniel Carroll, in which was Long’s Hotel, where first inaugural ball of President Madison was held; also Stelle’s famous hotel. At left of fountain at foot of front Steps of library Stood home of Abraham Lincoln, while member of 30th Congress. Here was located Carroll Prison during the Civil War. 122 B St., S. E., now incorporated in south side of Library, was once home of Guiseppl Franzoni, sculptor for Capitol. Among other valuable documents the library contains the original draft of the Declaration of Independence, and of the Constitution of the United States, together with original letters and manuscripts of early presidents and Statesmen. West front of The Capitol- Statue of Chief Justice John Marshall, who served as lieu-tenant and captain in Revolutionary War, member of Congress from Virginia, Secretary of State under John Adams, and Justice of Supreme Court 1801-35. Designed by W. W. Story.

North Capitol Street

North Capitol St. west side between B and C – On this site President Washington Started to erect, for his own use, a city residence, but died before it was finished. His Will, dated July 1799, refers to this lot (Sq. 634) as purchased by him for $963.00. Here he planned to build two brick houses of three Stories each. Had Washington lived his residence would have been the finest in the city. Became in after years two Congressional boarding houses. Admiral Wilkes lived here before removing to Lafayette sq. Mrs. E. D. E. N. South-worth was born here when these houses were incorporated into the old “Hillman House.” Henry Dearborn, Sec. of War under Jefferson lived here at one time. Government Dormitories on this site.

North Capitol, N. E. corner of C St., N. E. -Site of old Crotchet House, first home in Washington where illuminating gas was installed.

North Capitol and R Sts, near intersection – Once location of monument some 15 feet high erected probably by Mr. Andrew Ellicott, early surveyor of city, for use as an azimuth mark for celestial observations. Long since destroyed.

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Book Source: Historical Directory of the District of Columbia, District Of Columbia, D. A. R.

Notes about Online Publication: This manuscript has been ocr’d and edited. These records have been reproduced as clearly as online publication will allow us, but not all are exactly the way they were in the original work. The structure of this manuscript has been changed to allow better online presentation. No Spelling changes have been made to names.

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